My Bed

My favorite place in the whole world. Many great things happen in this cozy place of warmth and comfort. I can lay here for hours on end, thinking my crazed thoughts, playing out the overly exaggerated scenarios of my life.

Oh, the scenarios, there isn’t one I haven’t conjured up in my head. If I am left paralyzed after a catastrophic car accident, if I become an overnight internet sensation, if I turn into a healthy motivated exercise freak ((that one gets played out quite often)), none of it will be a surprise to me!

I’m ready for it all.



I was excited for all of 5 minutes. Blogging…not as easy as it seems, not to me anyway. Whatever, this is a start, I’ll get it eventually. This will have to do for now. I’ll narrate my life through this blog as best I can. I have an issue committing to new hobbies, but I hope to stick this one through. Stayed tuned 🙂